Autobiography – All About Me

Following on from my earlier post about the distressing time we had with this piece of work.  She still had to do it with only my help for adaptation.  She was keen for me to “put it on the blog”. So here it is:

I am 11 years old and I have a mum, dad and sister. When I came, my mum and dad were so happy because I looked so beautiful and they had waited a long time for me. Mum and dad read me bedtime stories.  I still remember some, such as Give me a Hug and No Matter What.  I still read them now occasionally and they give me nice memories.  Mum also used to sing me to sleep and because of this I am a very good sleeper. My sister is really funny and in some cases annoying.  Once she bit into a tomato and all the seeds went up her face which was really funny so it sill makes me laugh now.  However she comes into my room and takes my stuff, which is really annoying. The primary school I went to was lots of fun.  My two favourite teachers were Miss Winston and Miss Smith.  The understood if I wasn’t feeling safe and as a result of this they were kind and helpful. My hobbies that I like now are horse riding at the weekend and swimming.  I also like to do hockey at school which I am really good at. Now at secondary school I don’t feel safe because I am getting bullied.  I think the teachers aren’t helping me at school and in lots of cases I feel upset because I don’t know what I am doing and feeling confused and upset and sad. I am so glad I have got the mum and dad that I have, although I find things hard I know that they love me and will listen to everything I have to say.