Please Minister, help our children in school.

Once again, another wonderful piece of campaigning work my @garethmarr.

In summary, Edward Timpson is on a Webinar at 6pm 17th June 2015 discussing adoption. He will answer questions posted on twitter and send by email. This is our chance to ask for further support for our children in schools and continuing the work Gareth and I are dong with getting Virtual Schools on board.

If you missed my posts on Facebook and twitter, please do have a look at those today or Gareth’s blog and send a email or twitter asking the question.

Thanks Everyone
Emma – Safemum

Gareth Marr

There is an opportunity to get a powerful message to Children’s Minister, Edward Timpson, that adopted children need and deserve Virtual School support. He will be on a webcast this Wednesday with First 4 Adoption.

Details here :

Questions can be emailed to and the conversation can be joined on Twitter @First4Adoption using the hashtag #meettheminister.

Please, please, please use this opportunity to contact Edward Timpson and ask for the scope of Virtual Schools to be extended to Adopted Children. I do believe Mr Timpson understands the need and is sympathetic, but this is an opportunity to reinforce our concerns and ask for change. It is also timely. There will be a new Adoption Bill going to Parliament before the summer recess and this change could be part of that Bill.

The Case for Change

Here are the arguments:

  • Virtual Schools support Children in Care recognising the challenges they have resulting…

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