Reframing Christmas

As the feelings ramp up once again with the dreaded “C” word making a big feature in our house, I once again reflect and implement the things we do in our house at this time of year to try to reframe this seasonal time and so am re-blogging my post from last year.

Quite honestly, I’d like to be a complete baa humbug and avoid completely, yet school, society and tv won’t allow me to do that! So tonight when they are in bed I’ll be getting the advent calendars and other paraphernalia out of storage ready for another year, another reframe, another ‘opportunity’ to change their understanding and expectation.

I’m also linking this to #WASO on the wonderful The Adoption Social as the theme there is “at this time of year”.

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

Adopting Safe Mummy Ways

Over the years we have done a lot to set up new traditions for our girls and our family and also to reframe their early experiences and expectations.  Seven years on, we are still carrying out some of these whilst changing some and adding new ones too.   Here are some that I am doing:

Picture advent calendar
Take pictures of lots of simple regular things that are included in christmas in your family.  I actually think the pictures I use are a bit naff however from a child perspective they serve as useful reminders!   The pictures we have include: making cards, sausages wrapped in bacon, a pile of xmas tree chocolates, christmas crackers, the christmas tree, some wrapped pressies, cards hanging on the wall and an advent calendar.

The first year I just wrote numbers on the back then stuck them picture side down on the wall with blutack…

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