Get the laughs where you can

So it’s our wedding anniversary today.

Our relationship has been tested to its limits, time and time and again during our time together. Probably not much different to other adoptive couples!

However I insist we always buy each other a card and recognise the day, even if we don’t manage to do much else.

As I opened my card this morning Safedad was sat grinning. As I read through all the mushy phrases (which I could have re-written with much sarcasm) I wondered what it was going to say.

Safedad says: I’m sorry I couldn’t get the card I was looking for. They don’t print one that says

I’m sorry our life is so crap at times. Sorry we don’t get relaxing holidays.
Sorry we don’t have a nice car.
Sorry we live with anger and hatred
Sorry we are too knackered for sex
But it’s great to be married to you!

On top of that, he’d only written “happy birthday” instead of happy anniversary because one of the adorable children was stressing at him whilst he tried to write it.

You gotta get the laughs where you can!



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