Still Waiting

The Local authority were supposed to come back to me by close of play Friday about whether the SEN panel decided to allow my request to change Biggey’s school. Guess what! I didn’t hear from them!

I sent an email after 5:30 saying that I am wondering what time their close of play is. Sarcastic? Hopeful? Naive? I’m really trying hard not to p!&& people off because I need them to do their thing. However more importantly I need my child in school!

Everyone (family, friends, colleagues) I speak to cannot understand all the difficulty we are having. Cannot understand that the school would not meet us, cannot understand that it is taking so long to get changes. Cannot understand that we are having to fight, chase, nag and do all of this on our own. People say you would think they would recognise this child needs to be in school and do whatever to help that happen.

Well, no. That’s not how it works. I and many others are not surprised that help is minimal, poor or non existent. Such a shame that this is what we (adopters) have to put up with.

This panel met on Wednesday, by the time there is action next week that’s another week my girl has been out of school, then half term is looming so nothing will happen during that week either.

I’m tempted to escalate the issue. I will do if I feel necessary.


2 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. When our boys’ places at school fell apart, I found it really frustrating how few of my friends understood what was happening. Many people told me I needed to ‘get some help’ and several people suggested that I was ‘too proud to accept help’. Very few friends understood that there is no magical ‘help’ to be sought. They simply couldn’t understand that I was attending meetings, making phone calls, sending letters and emails, doing everything I could think of, and yet things still got worse.
    Sometimes the experts don’t know what to do either. Sometimes schools aren’t willing to work with the people who are available to come in. Sometimes things can’t be easily fixed.
    I’m really sorry that you’re having this trouble. I hope you do manage to get this change of school. Good luck!

    • Thank you Forgotter. Sometimes I have the energy to explain “how the system works” sometimes I just smile and nod! However I am always grateful for kind and supportive words like yours : -)

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