The Stroppy Hat

I like my stroppy hat a lot
It’s comforting and familiar
A very useful tool I found
More effective than a Rottweiler hound.

I didn’t used to like that hat
It made me squirm and shy away
It did not fit or suit me much
Though now it has a familiar touch.

What changed to make this turn around
From reluctance to familiar
Adoption is the reason
Not just the hat wearing season.

I fight for meetings to be heard
I strop to get that meeting
I take my hat along with me
As I try so hard for them to see

The traumas that my girls have suffered
Should never be inflicted on another
Nor should they be reminded daily
By schools and sanctions handed out so freely.

A little kindness, time and care
Will help my child to build repair
It also keeps my stroppy hat
From landing on that teachers mat

So please all schools,
Do not judge me
I wear my stroppy hat with pride
It helps my children to survive

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